Anime Defenders Tier List – Update 2 (June 2024)

Anime Defenders Unit Tier List

S+ Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Carp — Garp is the meta ground unit with an insane amount of DPS and a huge AoE once fully evolved. He might even be the best mythic in Anime Defenders. He should be your focus among all mythics.
  • Chance Taker — Hakari evo with crit traits will carry you like no one else. He has very high range and AoE, easily matching SJW in DPS. Both are kind of hard to get, though.
  • Bear King — Get him on a sale if you can. He is a hybrid, meaning he can attack flying units, too. Also, he is full AoE with bleed after upgrade 3. A must-have unit, really.
  • Elf Wizardess — Frieren is a full AoE unit when evolved, and her DPS is massive, similar to Garp. She should be your second focus amongst all mythics.
  • The Cursed Knight — Just like other secrets, Igris is top-tier right now. Full AoE when evo and one-shots literally everything. Deals DoT damage, too.
  • The Gamer — SJW summons the enemies he killed and is really strong, both evo and unevo. Can’t go wrong with him. Still, hard to get like other secrets unless you trade for it, of course.
  • The Rift Sorcerer — Gojo is OP, just like other secrets. Full AoE when maxed out, and his DPS is insane. Plus, he is a hybrid, which removes the need for a designated hill unit.

S Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Pink Rockstar — Bocchi is the meta money-farming unit, and she also buffs other units within her range by 20%. She is rarely on the banner for some reason, though.
  • Skull Warrior — The meta starter mythical you should try to get as early as possible. He has full AoE on placement and a huge range.
  • Donut Warrior — The new meta support. He slows enemies and has excellent AoE and range. All are a must if you want to go high on endless.
  • Flame Dragon King — Best burn mythic on this Anime Defenders tier list, and he is also a hybrid. Similarly to Sukuna, he counters regeneration with his burn and has solid overall DPS. Good unevo as well.
  • Muscle Sorcerer — Good both evo and unevo. He is full AoE and has massive damage. However, Carp and Elf are stronger.
  • Bloomer — Farm unit, just like Pink Rockstar, but much easier to get. Use her until you get Bocchi. Also, she should be one of the priority non-mythics.
  • Curse Prince — Sukuna applies bleed to enemies and hinders their regeneration. Absolutely meta right now, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus.
  • Warrior Princess — Full AoE map-wipe unit. I wouldn’t consider her absolute meta because, besides damage, she doesn’t offer much. Still good as a replacement for Elf/Carp.

A Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Admiral of Ice — Meta support and starter. Full AoE and applies slows to enemies, which is super important if you want to go for high scores. Consider him an upgraded version of Rukia and Grey.
  • Sharpshooter — Excellent when evo. She has amazing range, big AoE, and multi-hit. Great all-around hill unit for story and solo raids. Still, not a priority.
  • Beast Sorcerer — Wide range line AoE that deals high damage when fully upgraded. He is solid, but there are better mythics in the game.
  • Ant King — A solid mythical that is good for DMG grinds. He has a massive AoE, second only to Carp, Elf, and Warrior Princess.
  • Cursed Fighter — A meta support that debuffs enemies within his massive AoE. That is very important for infinite runs.
  • Clay — Gray is basically the Admiral of Ice you bought on Wish. His slows are good and necessary on literally every stage, so use him until you get a better slow unit.
  • Electric Cyborg — One of the best starters you can pick up. His turrets can dish out insane damage, and he has both good AoE and range. He is usually on the banner with Donut Warrior, which is also meta right now, so he is absolutely worth pulling.

B Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Admiral of Lava — Solid starter legendary that can apply burn until you get Natsu. Good for story because of that.
  • Thunder Shinobi — Better than Esper, but still fairly mid. He has a multi-hit ability that is good against shielded enemies. However, I don’t recommend pulling for him unless you want him for his cool looks.
  • The Beast — Good as a starter with a full AoE when max upgraded. This is especially valuable for the story. However, he falls off later because he is an epic.
  • Inferno Commander — Full circle AoE when fully upgraded and burn in his kit. Pretty solid until you get Lava Admiral or Natsu.
  • Cursed Archer — An alternative hill unit you can use instead of Sharpshooter. However, considering that there are so many good hybrids right now, I don’t know whether getting it is necessary.
  • Strongest Swordsman — Excellent in the early game because of his multi-attack line AoE. However, he isn’t useful later on.

C Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Admiral of Light — Okay for beginners. Has a large circle attack when upgraded.
  • Esper — Worst mythic in on this whole Anime Defenders tier list, but he is still better than most epics. I wouldn’t advise rolling for him.
  • Maxed Qi Master — Okay as a starter, but nothing too special. He might be a bad investment now that there are other, better legendaries.
  • Dragon Slayer — Okayish, but there are better epics in the game. You can use him if you’ve got no other units that can attack flying enemies.
  • Shinobi Form 3 — He is decent as a starter DPS, but considering that he is legendary, he is pretty underwhelming.

D Tier Anime Defenders Units

  • Fire Leg Master — Okayish in the early game. There are better units, though.
  • Master Swordsman — Full AoE on the last upgrade is pretty neat. Still, unless you are in the very early game, I wouldn’t roll for him.
  • Spirit Hybrid — Outperformed by basically all other epics. Still, the bleed can come in handy early on.
  • Vengeful Shinobi — One of the worst epics. Still better than DPS rare.

Which Banners To Summon on in Anime Defenders

Image Source: Small World Games via Twinfinite

Before you roll a banner, always check how many high-strength units from the tier lists are on it. I recommend you spend your rolls on banners with at least two B+ units on them. Still, if you’re only missing one specific mythic, by all means, roll when it’s available.

The biggest pitfall is rolling when a good epic or legendary is on the banner. These shouldn’t be your focus! Instead, you want to look for specific mythics; A and S-tier ones in particular. Legendaries and epics you will get passively, as their pull chance is 8/61 times higher than for mythics.

The tier list and the supplementary info should help you make a decision on which units you should spend your hard-earned gems in Anime Defenders.

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