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Inside Out 2: A Review of Pixar’s Latest Sequel

Opening in theaters Friday, June 14, Inside Out 2 has sparked mixed reactions among viewers. The movie attempts to strike a balance with a new ensemble cast while falling short of its beloved predecessor, Inside Out. Pixar’s Turning Red, on the other hand, expertly delves into the chaotic emotions of puberty and adolescent girlhood that the sequel fails to capture.

As Riley, now 13 years old and settled in the Bay Area, navigates the challenges of growing up, her emotions once again come to life in Headquarters. Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness team up to guide her through the ups and downs of teenage life, with some new emotions joining the mix.

The screenplay for Inside Out 2 by Dave Holstein and Meg LeFauve revisits familiar themes from the first film but introduces fresh ideas. With Anxiety taking the lead, Riley’s sense of self is tested, leading to unforeseen consequences that alter her relationships and self-perception.

Emotional Complexity and Symbolism in Inside Out 2

The sequel’s exploration of the turmoil of early teen-hood is engaging, showcasing the internal struggle of nine characters vying for control. However, the film falls short in representing the physical and emotional effects of newfound feelings taking center stage.

While characters like Anxiety and Embarrassment bring depth and humor to the story, the movie lacks the emotional depth of its predecessor. The separation of emotions and the lack of meaningful interactions hinder the narrative’s impact.

Missing Emotional Depth in Inside Out 2

Despite some inventive ideas and clever gags, Inside Out 2 fails to establish a strong emotional connection with viewers. The rush towards the conclusion leaves little room for the characters to undergo meaningful growth or for viewers to fully immerse themselves in Riley’s journey.

This lack of emotional resonance is the film’s biggest flaw. While it delves into the complexities of adolescence, it falls short of evoking the same emotional responses as its predecessor. The movie’s neat portrayal of teenage struggles and over-explanation of metaphors may leave younger audiences disengaged.

Overall, Inside Out 2 offers a fresh take on adolescent emotions but ultimately falls short of capturing the heart and soul of its predecessor.