How To Reset Stats In Soulmask

How to Reset Stats in Soulmask

When playing Soulmask, it’s crucial to invest in the correct stats to progress smoothly through the game. Players can allocate stat points to various attributes such as gathering resources, crafting items, building structures, and engaging in battles.

For those wondering how to reset stats in Soulmask for both their character and tribesmen, here’s a guide on how to do so.

Resetting Stats for Your Character

Soulmask How To Reset Stats
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To reset stats for your character, you need to unlock the Mysterious Tisane, a medicinal item in the game. You’ll also require the Basic Potion Brewing Technique to craft it. Here’s a list of materials needed:

  • x10 Water Consumption
  • x2 Herb
  • x2 Sunstone
  • x2 Salsa
  • x1 Bowl

Resetting Stats for Your Tribesmen

To reset stats for your tribesmen, you’ll need the Mysterious Bodyshaping Pill, along with the Advanced Potion Brewing Technique to unlock it. Gather the following materials to craft the pill:

  • x5 Cactus Essence
  • x5 Premium Beast Blood
  • x5 Premium Bone Powder
  • x5 Niter Powder
  • x2 Bloodstone

Once you’ve crafted the necessary items, use the Brewing Stand to reset the allocation of attribute points for both your character and tribesmen in Soulmask.

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