Donkey Kong Country Returns Switch Dev Appears To Have Been Revealed

Donkey Kong Country Returns for Third Round on Switch

Exciting news for Donkey Kong fans as the beloved Donkey Kong Country Returns is set to make a comeback on the Nintendo Switch early next year. The latest HD iteration of this classic game is being worked on by the Polish team Forever Entertainment SA, known for their work on titles like Panzer Dragoon: Remake.

While Retro Studios, the original developer, is occupied with Metroid Prime 4: Beyond scheduled for a 2025 release, Forever Entertainment has been busy enhancing the visuals of the original Wii release and incorporating additional content like extra levels from the Nintendo 3DS version.

This collaboration traces back to a deal made in 2021 where Nintendo provided significant financial support to Forever Entertainment for publishing. Some of the titles released by Forever Entertainment on the Switch include Front Mission 2: Remake and THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake.

Notably, DK Vine, a Donkey Kong fansite, has analyzed the HD footage and observed minor graphical improvements to align with the standards of the mid-2020s. The water effects now boast a dramatic upgrade, and even the Kongs have received a visual refresh.

It remains uncertain if this announcement was meant to be made public at this time, especially since Nintendo has been reticent about revealing partner developers before game launches in recent times.

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