How To Setup Mining Platforms In Soulmask

How to Setup Mining Platforms in Soulmask

Survival in Soulmask hinges on your ability to utilize the game mechanics to gather essential resources. Initially, you won’t have to venture far, but as you progress and strengthen your awareness, exploring far and wide becomes necessary. Mining will play a crucial role in your exploration journey, and understanding how to set up mining platforms in Soulmask is essential.

These mining platforms are scattered across the map, requiring players to locate them before establishing their own setup. However, be prepared to encounter Elite Plunders near these platforms, all close to level 50. Therefore, ensuring your gear is top-notch is imperative.

Soulmask Mining PlatformsSoulmask Mining Platforms
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Explorers can find one of the mining platforms in Soulmask at the Volcano, with another located in the Ancient Ruins. After clearing out the enemies guarding the platform, you’ll notice that it requires repairs due to being damaged. To fix it, you’ll need specific parts. Additionally, since the location is hot, equip heat-resistant gear before heading to the platform.

Once the mining platform is operational, assign one of your tribesmen to work there. Interact with them near the platform and add the Mine Exploitation work type to their plan. You can place Mine Chests nearby to store the resources gathered. Remember to equip the tribesmen with heat-resistant gear when assigning them to work at the mine.

As you have the ability to tame NPCs and recruit tribesmen, losing workers at your base shouldn’t be a major concern. This guide on setting up mining platforms in Soulmask aims to assist you in your resource-gathering endeavors. If you found this guide helpful, explore our other Soulmask guides in the dedicated section on Gamer Tweak.