Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks Echo of Fury arena walkthrough guide

The Exciting Echo of Fury Arena in Pathfinder WOTR: A Guide to A Dance of Masks

Embark on a thrilling test of strength with your allies in the Echo of Fury arena. This guide will walk you through the challenges of the Echo of Fury arena in A Dance of Masks so you can emerge victorious in every battle that lies ahead.

Echo of Fury Arena Stage 1 in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks

The Dance of Masks quest features the Echo of Fury arena, consisting of three stages with five fights each. At the end of each stage, a valuable prize awaits you. The final battle of each stage pits you against a formidable opponent, with each subsequent fight increasing in difficulty. Let’s dive into Stage 1, where the journey begins with two relatively easy fights to ease you into the challenge.

Stage 1 Fight 1 – The Adventurers

Facing a group referred to informally as “The Adventurers,” this initial battle poses minimal strategy. A well-placed area-of-effect (AoE) attack can swiftly take down the entire group, as they mirror the size and composition of your party. Utilize AoE spells, arrows, and melee attacks to emerge victorious in this encounter.

Stage 1 Fight 2 – Zovra and Arvoz

Prepare to battle two dragons named Zovra and Arvoz in the second fight. Understanding their immunities is crucial – Zovra is resistant to cold, fire, and unholy energy, while Arvoz is protected from acid, negative, and sonic energy. Keep track of these immunities and focus on one dragon at a time, leveraging party buffs and speed enhancements to gain the upper hand.

Stage 1 Fight 3 – Nosferatu

In the third battle, you will face Nosferatu Patrician along with a pack of wolves and flying bats. Spread out your party to avoid being surrounded, prioritize eliminating the wolves with AoE spells, and be sure to equip a silver dagger found in the arena to vanquish Nosferatu for good.

Stage 1 Fight 4 – The Magic Pranksters

Encounter two Hogs of Desolation, two Constantly Irked Magic Users, and a Knight Commandant Prankster in the fourth fight. Navigate through deceptive spells and disruptive effects, using multiple attacks to counter mirror images and concealments while ensuring party members have adequate resistances and mobility boosts to tackle the obstacles.

Stage 1 Fight 5 – Aslynn

The final battle of Stage 1 pits you against Aslynn, a formidable opponent who can transform into a monstrous humanoid. Employ targeted spells and ranged attacks to chip away at Aslynn’s health, focusing on strategic buffs and party coordination to secure victory.

Stage 1 Reward

Completing Stage 1 grants you the achievement “Craving the Glory” and rewards you with a Cloak of Reflections, offering valuable resistances and healing properties.

Echo of Fury Arena Stage 2 in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks

Prepare for five challenging fights with uniquely skilled opponents in Stage 2 of the Echo of Fury arena. Navigate through a series of strategic encounters to emerge victorious in each battle.

Stage 2 Fight 1 – Llamolaek the Ascended

Confront Llamolaek the Ascended and Blade of Contamination Constructs in the opening battle of Stage 2. Overcome immunities and concealments to secure victory, utilizing targeted abilities to diminish Llamolaek’s defenses.

Stage 2 Fight 2 – The Dead Gods

Engage with the Flesh of the Dead God and Blood of the Dead God in the second battle of Stage 2. Adapt your strategy to counter their resistances and focus on prioritizing targets to achieve success in this straightforward encounter.

Stage 2 Fight 3 – The Elementals

Navigate through the Elemental Pillar Guardians and Elemental Pillars in the third fight, targeting the Pillars to disrupt the enemy summons. Utilize buff spells and strategic positioning to overcome the constantly spawning Elemental Guardians.

Stage 2 Fight 4 – Runelord of Wrath

Confront the Soul-Crushing Devastator, Vrock Eliminator, and Runelord of Wrath in a challenging battle that will test your party’s resilience. Overcome immobilization effects and strategic defenses to emerge victorious against these formidable foes.

Stage 2 Fight 5 – The Opposites

Battle the Defender of Light and Prophet of Apollyon in the final fight of Stage 2, utilizing Camille’s Bane ability and a range of buffs to counter their health and AC advantages. Prepare for a tough encounter that will require careful planning and execution.

Stage 2 Reward

Upon conquering all five fights of Stage 2, you will earn the “Seeking the Glory” achievement and receive the Heartstone of the Night Hag Queen, a powerful artifact with defensive and spell-enhancing properties.

As we progress through the arena, stay tuned for updates on mastering the challenges that lie ahead in the final stage of the Echo of Fury arena in the Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks DLC.

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