TI Qualifiers Meta Highlights — EEU and SA – DOTABUFF

Analysis of Fresh Ideas in High Level Dota

We are diving deep into high-level Dota matches to uncover unique and innovative strategies. The chaos and aggression in the EEU and SA regions are reflected in the draft and item choices of players. Some ideas harken back to classic strategies, while others introduce entirely new concepts that can easily be adapted for your own pub games.

Jakiro’s Liquid Frost Aspect Dominates in SA

The recent buff has made the Liquid Frost aspect a staple in the SA region. Jakiro becomes a formidable presence in trades, especially when paired with a Blood Grenade to control enemy movement and amplify damage. However, this build sacrifices pushing power, as the absence of Liquid Fire is felt during the early-to-mid game.

Itemization for Jakiro

Popular items for Jakiro include the reliable Mekansm and the versatile Eul’s Scepter. Eul’s not only helps set up Ice Path but also proves effective against prevalent heroes like Ursa Ursa and Spirit Breaker Spirit Breaker.

SA-Specific Spirit Breaker Build

The SA region has seen a resurgence in Spirit Breaker play, focusing on early game impact with Phase Boots and Shadow Blade to roam and secure kills. Avoid farming and opt for aggressive plays to maintain tempo. Consider building Eul’s for additional utility and survivability.

Hero Matchups and Considerations

While Spirit Breaker excels in many scenarios, be cautious against heroes like Dark Willow who can counter his aggression. Communication with teammates is key to ensure successful engagements and secure victories.

Pangolier’s Echo Sabre Build in High-Level Play

An unconventional choice in high-level pubs and professional matches is the Echo Sabre build on Pangolier. This build focuses on providing additional right-click damage and survivability, catering to a more late-game oriented playstyle.

Analysis of Echo Sabre Build

Despite some drawbacks in the early game, the Echo Sabre build offers versatility and potential upgrades into Harpoon. This late-game potential, coupled with Pango’s talents, makes it a viable option in certain scenarios.

Looking Ahead

As regional metas evolve, we anticipate further developments and intriguing strategies to emerge. Keep an eye on our analysis for more insights and share your thoughts in the comments below.