List Of Pillars Of Eternity 2 Console Commands And Cheats

All Pillars of Eternity 2 Console Commands and Cheats

If you’re seeking to enhance your gameplay experience or gain access to special features, utilizing Pillars of Eternity 2 console commands and cheats is the way to go. These commands allow players to acquire crafting materials, in-game currency, items, chests, health, and more.

Image Credits – Obsidian Entertainment

Before you start using the console commands and cheats in Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire, you need to familiarize yourself with the correct commands to input. To assist you with this, here’s a comprehensive list of all the commands and cheats available:

  • AddExperienceToLevel (X) – Raises every party member’s EXP needed to reach the X level (insert required level number in place of X).
  • AddExperience (X) – Grants (X) amount of experience to every party member.
  • AttributeScore (Player Name) (Attribute Name) – Increases the attribute level for (player name) for the specified (attribute name).
  • Cosmic Bird – Acquires a Cosmic Bird pet in your inventory.
  • Cosmic Cat – Adds a Cosmic Cat pet to your inventory.
  • Cosmic Dog – Obtains a Cosmic Dog pet within your inventory.
  • CraftingDebug – Receives various crafting materials.
  • FindGameData (X) – Retrieves all available game data related to the specified item (X).
  • FreeRecipesToggle – Allows crafting any recipe without requiring the ingredients in your inventory.
  • GiveItem (X) – Adds the specified item (X) to your inventory.
  • GivePlayerMoney (X) – Grants (X) amount of money to the player.
  • God – Activates God mode, rendering the entire party immune to damage.
  • HealParty – Restores the health and stamina of all party members.
  • Invisible – Turns all party members invisible, allowing them to avoid enemy detection.
  • NoFog – Disables the fog of war in the game.
  • Rest – Allows the entire party to rest without expending any camping resources.
  • Skill (X)(Y) – Elevates the skill level for player (X) in the specified (Y) field.
  • ToggleSpellLimit – Enables casting spells without any restrictions.
  • UnlockAll – Opens all locked chests in the surrounding area.
  • UnlockBestiary – Reveals all entries in the bestiary without the need to defeat enemies.

By following this guide, you can maximize your gaming experience by leveraging the Pillars of Eternity 2 console commands and cheats. For more insights into this game, feel free to explore our Video Games section.