Venom Voice Actor Tony Todd Might Be Teasing New Game With Yuri Lowenthal 

Is a Venom Game Teased by Tony Todd?

Actor Tony Todd, known for his role as Venom in the popular Insomniac game, has hinted at a future project with Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal. Could this be the rumored Venom game spin-off fans have been waiting for?

Recently, Todd took to social media to wish Lowenthal a happy birthday and cryptically stated, ”2 major projects down & counting.”

Rumors have been circulating about Insomniac developing a Venom game titled Venom: Lethal Protector, which is rumored to be on par with the scale of the successful Miles Morales game. This potential project could bring together Lowenthal and Todd once again, offering fans another exciting Spider-Man universe experience. While other Marvel projects are also a possibility for the duo, the connection to Spider-Man seems strong.

A Venom game with the same high production values as other Insomniac titles would surely be a hit among fans. Given Venom’s popularity in the Marvel universe, it only makes sense to explore more interactive experiences with the symbiote.

Recently, alleged Alpha gameplay footage from Spider-Man 3 was leaked online, hinting at a major spoiler for one of the game’s protagonists.