How to avoid the police in Murky Divers

Murky Divers: How to Avoid Police Detection

If you’re playing Murky Divers, you know that getting caught by the police can spell disaster for your game. To help you navigate around this challenge, here are some tips on how to avoid police detection in Murky Divers.

Avoid Leaving Evidence

The key to steering clear of the police in Murky Divers is to make sure you don’t leave any evidence behind after your dives. This means taking care not to leave dead bodies behind. Remember, if a team member dies during a dive, it’s essential to carry their body back to the ship to prevent gaining stars.

Utilize Bribery

Another effective strategy to avoid police detection is by using bribery. You can purchase an item from the vending machine on your ship, costing $300, which allows you to bribe the police and remove one star. Save this option for when you’re close to reaching all six stars, as it can be a costly solution.

Beware of Police Submarines

When navigating the waters in Murky Divers, keep an eye out for Police Submarines. Use the radar map on one of your ship stations to identify ocean objects with letter and number symbols. If you spot a Police Submarine, quickly steer your ship away to avoid being caught.

Remember, encountering the police or Police Submarines can lead to dire consequences, so stay vigilant and employ these tactics to successfully avoid detection in Murky Divers.