How to Join Valorant Console Beta

Joining the Valorant Console Beta: A Guide

Valorant, the Tactical First-Person Shooter (Tac-FPS) developed by Riot Games, has been making waves in the gaming world with its unique blend of Counter-Strike and Overwatch elements. Recently, Riot announced plans for a console release of Valorant, opening up the game to a whole new audience of players. In this article, we will explore how you can participate in the beta testing for the upcoming console port.

The Road to Console: A Brief History

Riot Games has been exploring ways to expand the reach of Valorant beyond the PC platform. Back in 2021, there were talks of a mobile version of the game, but those plans seemed to have fizzled out. In the meantime, a similar game called Hyper Front emerged, developed by a studio unrelated to Riot Games. Now, with the announcement of Valorant’s console port, it seems that Riot is fully committed to bringing their Tac-FPS to new platforms.

Requirements for Joining the Valorant Console Beta

  • Sign up for Valorant Beta through Riot Games’ official beta testing site or obtain a referral link from an eligible player.
  • Reside in NA, EU, or JP.
  • Have a clean Valorant/Riot account without any bans or suspensions.
  • Possess an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5.

If you’re eager to get in on the console beta testing, using a referral link is currently the most reliable method as direct sign-ups do not guarantee access.

Redeeming Your Valorant Console Beta Key

PlayStation 5

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store and select your profile.
  2. Select Redeem Code
  3. Enter the 12-digit code and choose Continue.

Xbox Series X/S

  1. Press the Xbox button and select Store.
  2. Press the View button and select Redeem from the side menu.
  3. Enter the 25-digit code and select Next.
  4. Follow the prompts.

What to Expect in the Valorant Console Beta

As the game is still in beta testing, certain features may be limited or subject to change upon official release. Riot has committed to keeping beta testers informed of updates and upcoming testing dates. Your progress and purchases in the beta will carry over to the full release, although cross-platform play will not be supported due to hardware differences between consoles and PCs.

The console version of Valorant will have its own matchmaking rank separate from the PC version, ensuring a level playing field for all players. Game modes will include core non-competitive modes with a mix of familiar and new maps, mirroring the PC counterpart.