Elden Ring’s new inventory features are a game changer

Improved Inventory Management in Elden Ring

I have a tendency to play Elden Ring like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up every material I come across in The Lands Between. While crafting hasn’t been a top priority for me, I can’t help but accumulate leaves, stones, bone shards, and strips of meat in my inventory.

However, the real issue arises when I come across a valuable item like a new talisman or an essential story item, only to have it lost amidst the clutter of my inventory. Searching for items in your inventory can feel like a separate game altogether.

But fear not, as FromSoftware has introduced a game-changing update for Elden Ring alongside its DLC Shadow of the Erdtree. This update includes two new inventory features: a recent items tab and exclamation marks to highlight new items.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Gameplay Reveal TrailerWatch on YouTube

Interestingly, these new features are not enabled by default and can be found in the game’s Display menu. I highly recommend activating them, as they have significantly improved inventory management for me.

These features are crucial and should have been included from the start. Many times, I’ve picked up weapons with confusing names like Reduvia, Helphen’s Steeple, or Godskin Stitcher, unsure of their type. The same goes for armor that looks identical to numerous others. Additionally, key story items, notes, and useful tools have often been lost in the jumble of my inventory, only to be forgotten.

Head to the Display menu to switch on these features | Image credit: Eurogamer

Furthermore, Shadow of the Erdtree introduces even more loot, including new crafting materials, armors, weapons, spells, and more for players to experiment with. Without the new inventory features, these items can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Now, players can conveniently access their recent items in a separate tab, highlighting notes, unique items, spells, or important story implications. With clear item descriptions, Elden Ring’s story becomes more engaging and accessible.

My experience with inventory management in Shadow of the Erdtree has transformed. While I still collect everything in sight, I can now easily navigate my inventory to uncover the details of each item I possess. This has led me to pay closer attention to story revelations as I scour The Land of Shadow for hidden gems.