Unlocking Vengeance Superboss and Godborn in SMT V


Upon starting the latest Shin Megami Tensei installment, players are faced with a pivotal decision involving a mysterious girl. This choice, known as the Take Her Hand sequence, is of paramount importance as it sets the course for the entire narrative of SMT V. While newcomers to the game may be unsure of the correct path to take, it’s essential to understand that this decision is not about right or wrong but rather about determining the trajectory of your journey in the game.

Take Her Hand Quest

At the outset of the game, the Take Her Hand sequence presents players with a critical decision that will significantly impact their gameplay experience. This choice will determine whether you embark on the Canon of Creation storyline or venture into the Canon of Vengeance.

There are two distinct paths associated with the Take Her Hand choice:

  • Take Her Hand → Canon of Vengeance
  • Don’t Take Her Hand → Canon of Creation

Canon of Creation Vs. Canon of Vengeance

The Canon of Creation Path offers four endings tied to the original game, which may not appeal to those who have already explored SMT V. On the other hand, the Canon of Vengeance introduces two new endings that provide fresh content for seasoned players. While veterans may opt for the latter path for its new features, newcomers might benefit from starting with the CoC path to gain a better understanding of the game.

Unlock Superboss and Godborn

Both the Canon of Creation and Canon of Vengeance paths introduce new content, with Creation unveiling a side quest for a True Neutral playthrough and Vengeance showcasing a challenging superboss fight. To unlock these components, specific requirements must be met. For instance, completing the Canon of Creation path is necessary to access the final boss in the Canon of Vengeance and vice versa for other features.

Completing these optional tasks can contribute to achieving all in-game achievements. Players aiming to unlock the formidable Godborn must first defeat the Superboss.

Here are the proposed paths to unlock these bonuses:

  • Play Canon of Vengeance first → Unlock and complete True Neutral path in Canon of Creation → Canon of Vengeance Superboss Fight
  • Play Canon of Creation first (True Neutral path) → Canon of Vengeance Superboss fight → Return to Canon of Creation and finish the new hidden quest boss

Ultimately, players can complete the game in three runs, with the choice of the initial path affecting gameplay. However, some have discovered a workaround to unlock the Satan fight without replaying the game.

How to Unlock CoV Superboss in One Run

According to a Reddit user, it is possible to confront the ultimate final boss in the Vengeance storyline without completing the True Neutral ending in the Creation line. The following steps outline how to access the ultimate superboss:

  • Complete the Canon of Vengeance storyline
  • Reload to save points before the last boss fight to unlock the subquest for the Superboss
  • Challenge the Superboss before engaging in the final boss battle

This method will unlock the Godborn mode and the secret quest in the True Neutral ending of the Canon of Creation. Keep in mind that taking this route may result in a more challenging encounter with the Superboss due to being undergeared. Players struggling with the fight may need to engage in multiple New Game Plus runs to gather resources and enhance their capabilities.