Destiny 2 Grandmaster Excision Guide

Which Champions will appear?

In the Grandmaster Excision mission, players will face two Champion variants: Barrier and Overload. To effectively combat these Champions, it is recommended to equip the Ant-Barrier Pulse Rifle mod and the Overload Handcannon mod from your Artifact. Additionally, using a weapon with the Chill Clip perk can help stun Overload champions with the Stasis slow effect, making them easier to defeat.

Tormentor and Subjugator strategies

The Tormentor and Subjugator enemies pose a significant threat in the Grandmaster Excision mission as they can control crowds and disable player abilities. The most effective weapon against these enemies is the Microcosm Exotic Heavy Trace Rifle, which is particularly efficient due to these enemies’ hidden health modifier resembling a shield. For players without the Microcosm, using a Stasis or Strand Heavy Weapon can also be effective, as matching the weapon’s damage type to the Subjugator’s element will deal extra damage.

Players are allowed to switch weapons during Grandmaster Excision, providing flexibility in loadouts based on the enemies encountered.

Activity Element Surges

In addition to Champion variants, Grandmaster Excision introduces element surge modifiers. Weapons matching the current elemental surge modifier will receive a 25% damage bonus for the duration of the activity. This bonus can also apply to Kinetic weapons by aligning the Super element with the modifier. Note that stacking both the element and weapon type modifiers will not double the damage bonus. Current surges include Arc, Void, Glaive, and Machine Gun, subject to rotation after each weekly reset.

Limited Revives

As a Grandmaster activity, players have a restricted number of revive tokens with the Extinguish modifier causing a team wipe if all players are defeated. Eliminating Champions will provide additional tokens, incentivizing efficient Champion kills and careful play to manage available revives. Restock on revive tokens during the Witness encounter to prevent a complete team wipe.

Opening Encounter Guide

At the beginning of Excision, designate players to side plates for coordinated Champion and miniboss takedowns. Utilize Supers like Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn for plate control, while Hunters can contribute with Golden Gun, Gathering Storm, or Shadowshot. Maximize Super usage during this encounter to generate Orbs of Power for team members.

The Witness Encounter Guide

In the Witness encounter, only Transcendence Supers are available. Take advantage of Saint-14’s Ward of Dawn and Heavy ammo crate in the arena while dealing with an increased number of Champions and Tormentors. Prioritize Tormentor eliminations to progress the encounter and focus on gathering Light to destroy Darkness statues for the damage phase. Avoid wasting energy on damaging the Witness, instead focus on dodging attacks to survive. Be vigilant for attack indicators and utilize safe zones to avoid damage. Once the Witness’s health gate is reached, victory in Excision is imminent.