Elden Ring SotE Rellana Twin Moon Knight boss guide and cheese strategy

How to Beat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight boss in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Once you explore the entirety of Castle Ensis, the end of the dungeon has Rellana, Twin Moon Knight as the final boss. She’s incredibly difficult if you don’t know the best ways to tackle her, so here are some tips for how to beat Rellana.

General Tips

  • Bring the NPC and a Spirit Ash: To take aggro off of you, it’s recommended that you summon Needle Knight Leda from the gold marking on the ground and summon a Spirit Ash (Mimic Tear, Black Knife Tiche, Lhutel the Headless) to help you during the fight.
  • Focus on ranged attacks: If you have an Intelligence or a Faith build, you should try relying on ranged spells and incantations more than melee. Rellana will rarely stagger from a melee attack and is deadly up close.
  • Upgrade your Scadutree Blessing Level: Despite your normal in-game level, you’ll probably find it tough to beat Rellana without a decent Scadutree Blessing Level. Make sure to collect enough Scadutree Fragments to at least be Scadutree Blessing Level 3 or higher.

Rellana move set

During the first phase of the fight, Rellana relies more heavily on normal melee attacks. These attacks can easily be dodged if you dodge backward, and she can go on long attack chains before stopping. Since I couldn’t remember a single time I staggered her other than when I landed a Critical Hit, don’t even try to hit Rellana while she’s doing her chain of attacks. She can cut you down in two to three hits if you’re not careful.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Also during this phase, she’ll cast spells like one that summons three spectral daggers. These can launch at you at random times, but they’ll always launch together. Keep your distance, and when you see them come your way, dodge to the side. Another spell she has launches a spectral arc in your direction which you can also dodge by rolling to the side. She’ll grant you enough time between charging it and launching it to know when to dodge.

Spectral Cairn Greatsword
Screenshot: PC Invasion

An annoying spell she has is summoning a spectral Cairn Greatsword. This also has a generous time between summoning and hitting, so as soon as you see her summon it, prepare for her to slash downwards at you (dodge to the side), and swing it in a complete circle (dodge at the perfect time). The arc attack is the most damaging, but she waits a second between the downward slash and the arc attack so you can dodge twice.

Elden Ring Rellana Boss Twin Blades
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll know when phase 2 begins when Rellana’s twin blades light up, one a fiery red and the other a bright blue. This is when her usual attacks will become more frenzied and brutal. When she summons spectral daggers, she’ll summon double the amount, so be wary of those launching at you.

Also, when she launches those spectral arcs, she won’t just do one, but several in succession. This will force you to dodge multiple times in a row, and you don’t want to stop dodging until you’re sure she’s done.

One other deadly attack Renalla will rarely do is a Twin Moon spell. After summoning twin moons, she’ll throw them on the ground to launch an AoE attack launching outwards. Don’t dodge this one, instead, you want to jump over the blast that hits the entire arena. Prepare to jump over it a second time when she smashes the second moon down.

How to Cheese Renalla, Twin Moon Knight boss

Elden Ring Rellana Boss Cheese
Image: Tyrannicon via YouTube

There are already a few cheese boss guides for Renalla out there, and they’re more simple than you may realize. The same YouTuber I wrote about in my Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss guide also did a cheese tutorial for Renalla on YouTube (Tyrannicon). He recommended that you summon the NPC and your Spirit Ash, and then you cast the Terra Magica spell. This places a sigil on the ground that allows you to deal an extra 35% magic damage while standing in the circle.

Once you’re standing in the sigil and Renalla is distracted by your helpers, you can cast a spell like Stars of Ruin that sends ranged magic attacks towards Renalla. He also recommends you drink your Wonderous Physick and have it contain a Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear to boost your magic attacks by 20% for a few minutes. Tyrannicon was able to take down Renalla within a couple of minutes with this method, so if you have a magic build you should try this out.

Renalla, Twin Moon Knight drops

Elden Ring Rellana Boss Remembrance
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you finally defeat Renalla, she’ll drop Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight which you can exchange for one of these two rewards:

  • Rellana’s Twin Blades
  • Rellana’s Twin Moons: Incarnate twin moons and repeatedly strike the ground.

If you’re a magic build, Rellana’s Twin Moons is an incredible spell to have. But you also can’t pass up being able to wield Rellana’s Twin Blades. Otherwise, what do you do after Castle Ensis?