How to Get the Porxie King Mount

Final Fantasy XIV Collaborates with Gong Cha to Reward Players with Sweet Flying Mount

Final Fantasy XIV has a history of collaborating with different franchises and series, but this time, players will be treated to something sweet. FFXIV has partnered with Gong Cha to offer players a charming Porxie King flying mount as a reward. To obtain this adorable mount, players simply need to purchase certain products totaling a specific amount.

Easy Way to Obtain the Porxie King Mount

This collaboration with Gong Cha provides an easy way for players to acquire cool rewards. To coincide with the upcoming Dawntrail expansion, the event will kick off on July 17, 2024. Unlike previous collaborations, the rewards for this event are limited, making it a unique opportunity to obtain the Porxie King mount. Fortunately, collecting this mount is a straightforward process that does not require any in-game grinding.

Obtaining the Porxie King Mount

Players only need to purchase three or more drinks in a single visit to receive the unique Porxie King mount. Upon entering the provided code, players can redeem the mount. While the Porxie King can be redeemed globally, the collaboration is only available in specific locations.

Players in Japan, North America, Europe, and Oceania can acquire codes for the Porxie King by visiting their nearest Gong Cha shop. Unfortunately, players in Asia do not have a direct method to obtain redeem codes, but they can still receive the mount if they have a friend in one of the designated areas. The limit on the number of Porxie Mounts players can obtain from buying milk tea remains unclear, but many are purchasing more than three to secure additional codes for their friends.

Duration of the FFXIV x Gong Cha Event

The collaboration will commence on July 17, 2024, and will continue until August 28, 2024, allowing players ample time to visit their closest Gong Cha location to obtain the mount. Once the event concludes, codes will no longer be available for redemption through purchases. It is important to note that the Porxie King can only be acquired through this specific method and is not tradeable in the market. Players who miss out on obtaining the Porxie King during the collaboration will need to wait for future events.

FFXIV Collaboration Events

Final Fantasy XIV frequently collaborates with various entities, including both games within the franchise and real-world establishments. Recent collaborations have included crossovers with Dragon Quest, Yo-Kai Watch, and FFXVI, offering players a range of rewards. These events may require players to engage in Fated missions or raids or undertake quests related to the partnered series.

Collaborations with real-life establishments typically coincide with the promotion of new expansions. Recent examples include partnerships with Gong Cha, Uniqlo, and KFC. During these events, rewards are often linked to purchases made in-store. Players may need to buy specific items or meet certain quantity thresholds to receive redeemable codes. As the availability of these codes is sometimes restricted, players must act swiftly to secure their rewards.

Staying Informed About Collaborations

Square Enix typically announces collaborations several months in advance to allow players ample time to prepare. Information may be shared on official platforms like the FFXIV Lodestone or Twitter, or discussed in Dev Talks. To stay informed about upcoming collaborations or important events within the game, it is advisable to regularly check Final Fantasy XIV news outlets.