Minecraft Is Finally Getting A Native PS5 Version

Native Minecraft Version Coming to PlayStation 5

Exciting news for Minecraft fans as developer Mojang announces the arrival of a native version of the game for PlayStation 5. This new version is currently in testing, and players who own the PlayStation 4 version can participate in the preview right away.

While Minecraft has been playable on PS5 through the PS4 version, this native build is specifically designed for the PS5, promising better performance on the console.

“Currently, the only way to experience Minecraft on a PlayStation 5 is by purchasing the PlayStation 4 version,” the announcement states. “By developing a native version for PS5, we aim to optimize the game for the hardware.”

If you own the PS4 version of Minecraft, you can access the PS5 preview by going to “Settings” while playing on a PS5 and selecting “Preview.” This preview includes the new Tricky Trials update, offering new challenges and features for players to enjoy.

Mojang encourages players to report any bugs encountered during the preview and share their feedback to help improve the game.

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