Where To Find Hawk Eye In Grand Piece Online

Where to Find Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online takes inspiration from the popular One Piece manga and anime series, featuring locations and characters that fans will instantly recognize. One such character is Hawk Eye, also known as Mihawk, a fan-favorite boss in the game who offers valuable rewards once defeated.

Mihawk is relatively new to GPO, which may leave players uncertain about where to locate him. He can be found on an island in the Second Sea, where players can obtain items like the Dark Blade. Although the drop rate for the blade is low, it is a useful tool that players should strive to obtain.

Location Guide for Hawk Eye

Image via Snoup (YT)

To find Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online, players need to travel to Umi Island in the Second Sea. Starting from Foro Island, head between North East and East until you reach the island. Mihawk spawns every 2 hours and can be quite aggressive, so players should remain alert. Defeating this boss requires understanding his moveset and countering effectively.

Upon defeating Mihawk, players can obtain the following rewards:

  • Mihawk’s Hat
  • Hawk Eye’s Outfit
  • Triple Strongest Slash Scroll
  • Dark Blade

Although the drop rates are low, battling Hawk Eye is definitely worthwhile in Grand Piece Online. It is important to note that this location is also where Roger spawns, potentially leading to multiple boss fights if encountered unexpectedly.

That’s all you need to know about finding Hawk Eye in Grand Piece Online. For more helpful guides on Grand Piece Online, be sure to explore our dedicated section at Gamer Tweak.