Complete Soulmask Tribesmen Positive & Negative Talents List

Soulmask has a unique feature that sets it apart from other survival games – the ability to recruit random and former hostile NPCs to your tribe. These Barbarians come from different tribes, each with their own set of talents and perks that can impact your gameplay. Understanding these talents, both positive and negative, is crucial when deciding which NPCs to keep in your tribe.

Why Talents are Important

The talents possessed by your tribe members play a significant role in determining the overall strength of your tribe. Having tribespeople with many positive traits can make your gameplay experience much smoother. Additionally, being able to switch to a different tribe member with beneficial talents can open up new opportunities for you.

How to Acquire Positive Soulmask Talents

While you can’t control the talents that your Barbarians will possess, recruiting low-level NPCs can increase your chances of developing a strong tribe. These Barbarians have the chance to unlearn negative talents every five levels, and every ten levels, they are guaranteed to gain positive perks. To maximize the development of valuable characteristics, it’s advisable to recruit tribe members with more positive talents than negative ones at their lowest level.

List of All Positive and Negative Tribesmen Talents

Positive Talents

  • Accelerate Alchemy (Upgrade Talent)
    • Reduce completion time of Alchemy quests by 10/20/30%
  • Accelerate Armor Crafting (Upgrade Talent)
    • Reduce completion time of Armor Crafting quests by 10/20/30%

Negative Talents

  • Add Insult to Injury (Weakness Talent)
    • Lose 15/20% HP over 10 seconds when HP falls below 30%
  • Attack Weakening (Weakness Talent)