Terra Nil’s first major update Vita Nova is available now

The developers behind Terra Nil have launched their latest update, Vita Nova, available now on PC and Netflix, with a Switch version in the works.

This new update for the environmental strategy game is free and introduces players to exciting new levels like Polluted Bay and Scorched Caldera.

Exploring Polluted Bay reveals a landscape marred by pollution, sharply divided by a contaminated river, while Scorched Caldera presents a challenge in transforming a vast volcanic crater into a thriving freshwater lake.

Terra Nil Vita Nova trailer. Watch on YouTube

Aside from the new levels, Vita Nova also brings enhancements to the map system, now in 3D and freely rotatable, offering a fresh perspective to players.

The updated wildlife system, described as “dramatic” by the developers, promises to breathe life into the transformed landscapes, with creatures like the new jaguar behaving more naturally and with a richer set of needs.

Nine new buildings have been integrated into the game through this update. For a glimpse of what Vita Nova has to offer, check out the trailer above.

Image credit: Devolver

“Even where Terra Nil makes choices I don’t always enjoy, I enjoy that it does make these novel, ambitious choices,” shared Ruth Cassidy in Eurogamer’s review of Terra Nil.

“More than just offering tranquil vibes on the surface, Terra Nil presents engaging puzzles, a dedicated vision of what an environmental city builder could be, and moments of true perfection.”