Land of Women Review – IGN

Land of Women Premieres Wednesday, June 26 on Apple TV+

Summer is the time to indulge in a little TV getaway, and Apple TV+’s Land of Women is a charming streaming equivalent of a vacation beach read. Based on Sandra Barneda’s bestselling novel La Tierra de las Mujeres, the series takes us on a journey to the picturesque La Muga in the Spanish autonomy of Catalonia. The story follows Gala (Eva Longoria), her 17-year-old daughter, Kate (Victoria Bazúa), and her aging mother, Julia (Carmen Maura), as they navigate through family secrets and drama in Julia’s hometown.

The series sets the stage by showcasing Gala’s luxurious life unraveling due to her husband’s criminal activities. Despite the high stakes, Land of Women sometimes struggles to find the right balance between rom-com elements and serious tones throughout the six episodes.

Although the plot twists may be predictable, there are highlights within the show. The dynamics between the characters and the tensions within the town of La Muga are portrayed effectively. Gala’s interactions with town heartthrob Amat bring humor and energy to the series, showcasing Longoria’s talent for physical comedy.

Family Dynamics and Emotional Depth

The interactions between Gala, Julia, and Kate are particularly touching, especially as they navigate challenges together. Julia’s struggles with health and early stages of dementia add a poignant layer to the story, making moments of forgiveness and family bonds stand out.

Kate’s journey as a trans teen finding her voice is sensitively explored, adding depth to the characters. The scenic backdrop of La Muga and the vineyards bring an additional layer of beauty to the series, making the setting feel like a character in itself.

While Land of Women may follow some familiar storytelling tropes, it provides its leading ladies with depth and room for growth. By the end of the season, viewers may find themselves hoping for a second season to continue exploring the lives of Gala, Julia, and Kate.

Overall, Land of Women offers the escapism and entertainment one seeks in a summertime series, making it a delightful watch for those looking for a mix of drama, humor, and heartwarming moments.

By the end of the finale, I was hoping for a second season.