Stellar Blade Update 1.005 Released

Shift Up Releases Stellar Blade Update 1.005

Shift Up has recently released the Stellar Blade update 1.005, a small update that weighs in at under 500 MB on the PS5. The patch notes for this update have not been made available yet, but it is believed that this update may have been pushed out to address some visual issues that players have been experiencing since the last update. However, this has not been officially confirmed as of now.

Stellar Blade Update 1.005 (June 25, 2024) – Expected Patch Notes

The previous update, 1.004, introduced new outfits to the game but inadvertently caused issues with Stellar Blade’s Balanced and Graphics modes, resulting in blurry and fuzzy images. This led some players to switch to Performance Mode. Shift Up quickly became aware of this problem, as some players reported that the visual issues were even visible on the game’s title screen.

Shift Up acknowledged the issue and mentioned that they were working with Sony to release a patch promptly. It is highly likely that update 1.005 aims to address these visual problems, but confirmation will be needed from players who were affected or if Shift Up decides to reveal the patch notes.

Unfortunately, with Sony removing the ability to check patch notes on the PS5, we are currently unable to provide detailed information besides the game version and patch size. We will continue to monitor the situation for any updates.