How to rewatch the epilogue for Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Where to rewatch the epilogue and sit in front of the Traveler in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Experience the epic conclusion of the Light and Dark Saga in Destiny 2 with the mesmerizing cutscenes that will leave you wanting more. Discover how you can relive the unforgettable epilogue in Destiny 2 The Final Shape through a recent update.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before delving deeper, please be aware that we will be discussing the conclusion of Destiny 2 The Final Shape, so be prepared for SPOILERS about key plot points.

If you wish to revisit the epilogue and bask in the presence of the Traveler in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, you must have already completed the final mission Excision at least once. The Excision mission became available once the first team finished the Salvation’s Edge raid. Upon completing the mission for the first time, you were able to view the cutscenes. But how can you rewatch them?

How To Rewatch The Epilogue For Destiny 2 The Final Shape Launch
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Thanks to a recent update from Bungie, players now have the ability to revisit all the ending cutscenes and sit before the Traveler without replaying the mission. Simply head to Destinations, choose The Pale Heart, and navigate to the right side of the map. Then, select the Excision mission and click the mode selector located above the Launch button.

Opt for the Epilogue option and initiate the mission. You’ll immediately be immersed in the concluding cutscenes of the story and given the opportunity to contemplate in front of the Traveler. Remember to aim for those coveted Episode Echoes god rolls as you capture all the memorable moments.