How to start Ness003 quest in Destiny 2

Unlocking Ness003 in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes

Guardians rejoice as Destiny 2’s first part of Episode 1 Echoes has been fully released, allowing players to dive into the initial missions. Following the completion of The Final Shape campaign and the main story of Echoes, there’s more content waiting to be explored. Let’s delve into how to kick off Ness003 in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes.

When does Ness003 unlock in Destiny 2 Episode Echoes?

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Ness003 quest is part of the ongoing Ness questline that has been unfolding since the release of Episode 1. Previously, Ness001 and Ness002 were unlocked after completing the first two weeks of episodic quests, leading players to anticipate the release of Ness003 after week three’s story mission.

However, reports from Reddit indicate that some players did not receive the quest upon finishing the last story mission of Episode 1 Part 1. This caused confusion among Guardians, including myself, who were expecting the new quest after completing both the story missions and the preceding Ness00 missions. Additionally, there are valuable Episode Echoes god rolls to be obtained while completing these quests.

Based on the 20-day gap between the conclusion of Part 1 and the commencement of Part 2, it is likely that the Ness003 quest will unlock prior to the start of Episode 1 Part 2. Players can anticipate the quest appearing in the HELM around the first or second week of July. In the meantime, it’s advisable to collect Radiolite and Organic Specimens if you haven’t done so already.