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Maxine’s Hollywood Ambitions With MaXXXine

MaXXXine, starring Mia Goth as Maxine Minx, is the third installment in Ti West’s X trilogy, centering around the journey of an adult film actress who aspires to transition into mainstream cinema. Set in the 1980s, the film attempts to delve into deeper themes but falls short of realizing its full potential.

The movie shifts from the rural Texas backdrop of the previous installments to a Hollywood landscape filled with studio backlots, horror sequels, and a looming sense of historical references. Maxine’s character, haunted by her past experiences in X, navigates auditions with a mix of suppressed anguish and a desperate thirst for fame.

As the narrative unfolds, a quote from Bette Davis sets the tone for Maxine’s character, hinting at a potentially sociopathic nature driving her relentless pursuit of stardom. However, as the story progresses, the initial depth in Maxine’s character starts to unravel, revealing a lack of true substance beneath her exterior.

A Shallow Exploration of Themes

Despite initial hints at a complex narrative involving a serial killer subplot, MaXXXine fails to maintain a cohesive thematic arc. References to classic horror films and Hollywood icons, while abundant, lack a deeper purpose beyond surface-level recognition.

Furthermore, Maxine’s backstory and career development, particularly her involvement in a horror series resembling her own upbringing, lack emotional depth and fail to add significant layers to her character. The film struggles to establish a direct connection to its predecessor, X, resulting in a disjointed storyline that fails to resonate with viewers.

A Disjointed Execution

Although MaXXXine boasts a visually striking aesthetic and an evocative ’80s soundtrack, its narrative fails to sustain the initial intrigue. The introduction of a voyeuristic subplot reminiscent of classic horror tropes adds moments of tension but ultimately fizzles out in favor of a lackluster murder mystery involving a lackluster antagonist.

Despite interesting casting choices that challenge traditional gender roles in the mid-80s setting, MaXXXine struggles to tie these elements into a coherent story, leading to a disjointed and ultimately unsatisfying conclusion. While the film sets up exciting premises, it ultimately falls short in delivering a compelling and cohesive narrative.