Payday 3 Is Getting An “Offline” Mode That Still Requires An Online Connection, For Now

Payday 3 Introduces Solo Mode in Response to Server Issues

Payday 3 faced a rocky start with its online-only gameplay causing disruptions when the game servers experienced multiple outages shortly after release. In response to the backlash, developer Starbreeze mentioned the possibility of adding an offline mode at a later time. Now, the first version of this mode is being introduced to the game, although it still requires an internet connection for certain functions.

New Solo Mode in Beta

The upcoming major patch for Payday 3 on June 27 will debut the new Solo Mode in beta form. While players will have the option to enjoy most of the game offline, they will still need to connect to the internet to access Solo Mode initially and save their progress at the end of a session. Starbreeze’s head of community, Almir Listo, addressed the performance challenges players may encounter with this mode, stating that certain server-dependent tasks will now rely on the player’s hardware.

Continuous Improvements Planned

Recognizing that the current Solo Mode implementation is not perfect, the developers have emphasized that this is just the initial version of the feature. Listo assured players that a more refined, fully offline option is in the works for future updates. Feedback from beta testers will be crucial in identifying and resolving any issues that arise during gameplay. Starbreeze also aims to enhance the mode by incorporating popular features such as hosted co-op in upcoming patches.

Operation Medic Bag

After encountering challenges post-launch, including server problems and declining player numbers, Payday 3 has embarked on a recovery initiative known as Operation Medic Bag. The introduction of Solo Mode is part of this larger effort to address the game’s issues. Starbreeze intends to deliver ongoing updates that not only fix existing problems but also introduce new features and content to attract and retain players.