A Family Affair Review – IGN

The Plot

Netflix’s newest romantic comedy, A Family Affair, follows the story of Zara Ford, a 24-year-old assistant to movie star Chris Cole. Their relationship is filled with comedic moments but takes a surprising turn when Chris begins a romance with Zara’s widowed mother, Brooke.

Lack of Spark

Despite having an experienced director at the helm, A Family Affair falls short in creating genuine chemistry between the characters. The reunion of Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron on screen lacks the sizzle they once had in a previous film. The lack of depth in the characters’ motivations leaves much to be desired in the storyline.

Comic Relief

The film does provide comedic relief through the dynamic between Chris and Zara, with witty banter and amusing interactions. Joey King’s portrayal of Zara adds a charming and lively touch to the film.

Clichés and Thin Plot

While the script includes classic rom-com lines and comedic moments, it fails to delve deeper into character development. The story struggles to provide a meaningful commentary on the complex relationships at play, leaving some plot points feeling shallow and underexplored.

Drama and Relationships

Amidst the rom-com chaos, there are glimpses of drama and emotion in the relationships between the characters. The tension between Zara and Brooke adds a layer of depth to the storyline, but some themes introduced are not fully developed, leading to a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.