Checking Out Concord, PlayStation’s Upcoming 5v5 Hero Shooter | New Gameplay Today

We got our first big look at Concord

Last month, PlayStation gave us our first glimpse of Concord, their upcoming 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter, during a State of Play event. Recently, we had the opportunity to travel to California and get hands-on with the game ourselves. You can find the full Concord preview from Game Informer here, but to summarize: the game feels fantastic and has us eager for more.

Exciting First Impressions

While there are still many questions surrounding Concord, such as its progression system, seasonal content, and narrative focus, our initial experience playing the game was undeniably positive. Based on the few hours we spent with Concord, Firewalk Studios seems to have crafted an enjoyable and polished shooter. In this episode of New Gameplay Today, our host Wesley LeBlanc shares his firsthand account of playing Concord at PlayStation’s headquarters alongside Kyle Hilliard. They had the opportunity to explore 10 out of the game’s 16 heroes and try out three different gameplay modes.

Watch the Concord NGT Below

For a closer look at Concord, check out the video below:

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