Classic Resident Evil Games Are Back From The Dead On PC

Classic Resident Evil Games Return with GOG Partnership

The classic Resident Evil games are making a comeback in their original low-polygon glory thanks to a joint effort between Capcom and GOG. The first Resident Evil is now available for purchase on GOG, with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis set to follow soon. For those interested in all three games, a bundle saving 17% overall is available for $25.

These DRM-free versions of the survival-horror classics have been updated with quality-of-life improvements and enhanced compatibility for modern PCs, a trademark of GOG releases. The uncut edition of Resident Evil available on GOG features even more blood, graphic violence, and gory scenes than the original PlayStation version.

In a conversation with Suzi “SphereHunter” Hunterr, GOG revealed some of the challenges faced in bringing back the classic Resident Evil games. Technical issues and bugs had to be ironed out to meet Capcom’s high standards, leading to dozens of builds being submitted for approval during the QA process. Enhancements for the games include improved DirectX rendering, new rendering options, and full modern controller support.

Updates also focus on better timing in cutscenes, improved save-game management, and the ability to switch between different localizations of the games. The buzz around the Resident Evil re-release grew when an age rating for the game surfaced online, marking the first digital release of Resident Evil on PC.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Resident Evil Zero is one of two more remakes currently in development, while rumors suggest that the yet-to-be-announced Resident Evil 9 could potentially be an open-world game.