Dragon Age Pals Adventure Tier List (June 2024)

Dragon Age Pals Adventure Primon Tier List

As is the case in every gacha game, making smart choices with your resources early on can greatly impact your performance across all game modes. To help you excel in Dragon Age Pals Adventure, we present our definitive Primon tier list.

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S+ Tier DAPA Primons

  • Raging Bull — The ultimate tank for the Fire team, excelling in protecting your main DPS and applying burn effects consistently. Ideal for PvE scenarios.
  • Boomclaw Dragon — A powerful backrow nuker synergizing well with other key units for exceptional damage output.
  • Bolting Rexa — A top-tier fire DPS unit known for reliable application of burn effects.
  • Blazing Fuzzaurus — Essential support for Fire teams, providing crucial buffs and burns for strategic advantages.
  • Phoenix Dancer — A key member of Fire teams, capable of devastating enemy teams efficiently.
  • Breeze Rider — A formidable unit with strong dragon form capabilities, especially potent with specific synergies.
  • Dualdrake — Versatile unit with healing, buffs, and essential link passive abilities.
  • Thoraxion — A powerful unit, especially effective in countering Earth squads with lightning-based skills.
  • Brotosaur — Best support for pure Wind teams, featuring rage-stacking skills for swift victories.
  • Enchantress Cat — Core debuffer for Earth teams, essential for success in PvP engagements.
  • Mighty Ape — Strongest DPS unit for Earth teams, albeit challenging to obtain for free-to-play players.

S Tier DAPA Primons

  • Inferno Roamer — Premier non-legendary frontline unit for Fire teams, working well in tandem with other key units.
  • Lava Pangolin — A solid choice for stunning opponents in Fire squads, particularly effective in quicker battles.

A Tier DAPA Primons

  • Boxing Kangaroo — Effective basic attack spammer, synergizing well with specific units for optimal performance.
  • Feline Dancer — Main source of burn for Fire teams, offering offensive support and strategic advantages.

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