Best Loong’s Pearl Farming Spots in Wuthering Waves

Where to Find Loong’s Pearl in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves 1.1 update introduces Jinhsi, a new 5-star Resonator, to the game. To ascend Jinhsi, players will need to collect a new flower called Loong’s Pearl, which is exclusive to the Mt. Firmament region of the game. Here are the best farming spots for Loong’s Pearl in Wuthering Waves.

You can farm Loong’s Pearl in Wuthering Waves in the area around Loong’s Rest in Mt. Firmament. These flowers have sky-blue petals with deep-blue roots, making them stand out in the environment, especially when using your sensor to highlight the area.

Best farming spots for Loong's Pearl in Wuthering Waves

Take a walk around the lake in Loong’s Rest, and you will come across at least two dozen Loong’s Pearl scattered around the area. Each flower you pluck will yield two Loong’s Pearl, making the farming process relatively efficient.

While exploring Mt. Firmament, you may encounter regions named Loong’s Crest and Loong’s Ridge. However, these areas do not contain Loong’s Pearl despite their similar names.

You can also find around 10 Loong’s Pearl inside a cave called Mianloong Chamber, located on the northeast side of the lake in Loong’s Rest. This cave becomes accessible as you progress through the Jinzhou Rising Act 7 quest in Wuthering Waves.

Miangloong Chamber location in Wuthering Waves

If you prefer a quicker way to obtain Loong’s Pearl, you can purchase up to 15 of them from the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou. Each Loong’s Pearl costs 3,000 Shell Credits, making it a convenient option for players looking to acquire the ascension material efficiently.

Players only need 60 Loong’s Pearl to fully ascend Jinhsi’s character level, making the farming process manageable and rewarding. Stay tuned for more guides on Wuthering Waves to enhance your gaming experience!