Here’s A Closer Look At The ‘Echoes’ In The New Zelda Game For Switch

Nintendo Shares Details on Echoes of Wisdom Items in Latest Zelda Title

Following the recent Nintendo Direct, the company has been actively engaging with fans on social media to showcase the new and upcoming releases. One of the highlights of this promotion is a graphic shared by Nintendo that provides insights into some of the items Zelda will utilize in her upcoming adventure, Echoes of Wisdom.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, ‘echoes’ in this game refer to imitations of various objects that Zelda can interact with in her environment. With the assistance of the ‘Tri Rod’ and a new fairy companion named Tri, Zelda can create echoes to navigate the game world.

“Create echoes like water blocks to reach new heights, make bridges out of old beds, throw rocks at foes—or find your own creative combination of echoes to do things your way. You can even create echoes of monsters to fight at your side in combat!”

“There are lots of echoes to discover in The Legend of #Zelda: #EchoesofWisdom, and how you use them to solve puzzles and battle enemies is entirely up to you!”

Image: Nintendo

Aside from the previously mentioned echoes, other items spotted in the announcement trailer include boxes, beds, trees, signposts, trampolines, and even echoes based on enemies. These echoes offer a wide range of possibilities, from reaching new heights to engaging in underwater battles.

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