The First Descendant Review In Progress

Initial Impressions of The First Descendant

Having played The First Descendant in multiple beta versions, I am still on the fence about whether this game will be a standout in the crowded sci-fi shooter genre. After investing over 45 hours in a pre-launch preview, my opinion is still divided. While I am enjoying the experience, I have yet to determine if this will be my next go-to looter-shooter or just another forgettable title.

The Gameplay Experience

Nexon’s free-to-play multiplayer game shares similarities with Genshin Impact, offering cool characters to unlock and an array of currencies and materials to grind for. However, the game falls short in terms of its challenging UI and questionable monetization model. Despite these drawbacks, the game shines in its cooperative gameplay, engaging combat mechanics, and visually appealing design that sets it apart from other free-to-play titles.

Diving Into The Action

My gameplay experience consisted of completing missions and boss battles, which showcased the game’s strong points – thrilling combat, unique enemies, and a diverse loot system. However, the game is bogged down by tedious tasks like defending tech or collecting items, which serve as filler content in between more exciting segments.

A Mix of Good and Bad

The game’s storyline is riddled with clichés and nonsensical sci-fi jargon, accompanied by cringe-worthy dialogue and voice acting. Despite these flaws, the playable characters bring a spark of life to the game, each offering a unique playstyle and charming animations that enhance the overall experience.

Unlocking Potential

Learning to play as different characters adds depth to the gameplay, with each character offering a distinct playstyle and abilities. The variety in characters and their abilities adds replay value to the game, making it worthwhile to unlock and explore each one.

The Thrill of Looting

The game’s loot system is engaging, with a constant stream of rewards and upgrades to collect. While the plethora of materials and systems may be overwhelming at first, the satisfaction of customizing and upgrading weapons and equipment keeps players hooked.

Overall, The First Descendant shows promise despite its flaws. With more content set to be released post-launch, the game’s potential for improvement is high. Stay tuned for my final review once the game officially launches.