Towerborne’s Belfry Aims to Be So Much More Than a Main Menu

Revamping Hub Worlds in Towerborne

When it comes to video game hub worlds, they have the potential to be more than just a menu screen. Games like Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, and Doom Eternal have transformed their hub spaces into memorable locations filled with storytelling, Easter Eggs, and unique experiences. Towerborne, with its upcoming hub world called the Belfry, is aiming to join this league of immersive hub worlds.

The Belfry, a towering spire that pierces through the clouds, will serve as the central hub for all players and their characters known as Aces in Towerborne. This hub will offer training, gear enhancements, quests, and the opportunity to connect with other players before embarking on missions to save the world. Much like other well-crafted hub worlds, the Belfry aims to be a living and breathing space that engages players in the evolving storyline of Towerborne.

The Heart of the Belfry

Within the Belfry, players will encounter various essential buildings such as the Counsel Building, the Forge for gear enhancement, and the Facewright for customizing Aces. These structures, along with other elements, will shape the Belfry into a bustling village-like environment rather than a mere static menu. Game Director Daniel McLaren emphasized the importance of creating a hub that resonates with players on an emotional level, adding depth and richness to the overall gaming experience.

Building a Living World

One of the key aspects of the Belfry is its design to feel inhabited by all Towerborne players. This means that the hub will always be bustling with activity from both live players and NPCs, providing opportunities for interactions, collaborations, and shared adventures. McLaren highlighted the importance of making the game world feel alive and dynamic by ensuring that players are constantly engaged with the environment and each other.

Unraveling the Lore

Moreover, the NPCs in the Belfry will play a crucial role in unraveling the narrative of Towerborne. Quests, stories, and deep lore will be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay experience, providing players with opportunities to delve deeper into the world of Towerborne and uncover its mysteries. McLaren emphasized the studio’s commitment to expanding the game world over time, ensuring that players have a continuous stream of new content and stories to explore.

The Future of the Belfry

As Towerborne evolves, so will the Belfry itself. The hub will undergo transformations and updates that reflect the ongoing story of the game, offering players a dynamic and ever-changing environment to explore. McLaren hinted at exciting changes ahead, teasing players with glimpses of what’s to come and promising a rich and immersive gaming experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on Towerborne as we approach its release later this year.