Best rotation, skills, weapons, leveling tips, and more


Viper and Pictomancer are two new jobs that have been introduced to Final Fantasy XIV with the Dawntrail expansion. While the idea of painting cute pictures may sound appealing to some, the majority of players are drawn to the flashy moveset and dual blades of the Viper job.

Unlocking the Viper Job

To unlock the Viper Job in Final Fantasy XIV, players must complete the level 80 quest titled “Enter the Viper.” This quest, like most DLC Jobs, can be found in one of the starting city-states of Eorzea, with the starting point being the Worried Weaver in Ul’dah at the Steps of Nald (X: 9.3, Y:9.2).

One important requirement to unlock the Viper Job is having at least one other Disciple of War or Magic class at level 80. This prerequisite ensures that players have invested a significant amount of time in the game before gaining access to the Viper Job. Starting at level 80, the Viper Job is slightly behind the level where the Dawntrail MSQ begins, meaning players will need to spend some time grinding to catch up for the 7.0 main storyline.

All Viper Skills

As the Viper job begins at level 80, most of the skills are unlocked by default. It is advisable for players to familiarize themselves with the skills and their effects by reading the tooltips before embarking on their in-game adventures.

Viper Job Rotation in Final Fantasy XIV

Level 80 Viper Rotation

At level 80, players will primarily focus on mastering the basic combos of the Viper Job. The Job gauge and meters become more crucial upon unlocking higher-level skills such as Uncoiled Fury at level 82 and Reawaken at level 90. Players should concentrate on executing the fundamental combos proficiently without worrying about the advanced mechanics.

Image: Square Enix

The single-target combo strings and AOE combo strings comprise the core Viper rotation. Initiating with either Steel Fangs or Dread Fangs, subsequent attacks like Hunter’s Sting or Swiftskin’s Sting further amplify the combat experience. Mastery of positionals and utilizing combo finishers efficiently contribute to achieving optimal output in combat.

Players should aim to maintain consistent buffs by employing strategic rotations and alternating between skills to maximize damage potential. Proper execution of positionals and effective utilization of combo finishers are essential for unleashing the Job’s full power and potential.

Final Fantasy Xiv Dawntrail Viper Rotation 2
Image: Square Enix

Level 80 Viper AOE Rotation

The AOE rotation for the Viper Job closely mirrors the single-target rotation with some skill name variations. Despite the distinction, the fundamental principles remain consistent, emphasizing the significance of maintaining buffs and executing combos with precision to maximize efficiency.

Final Fantasy Xiv Dawntrail Viper Rotation 3
Image: Square Enix

Level 90 Viper Rotation

Work in progress. Please check back soon for updates on the Level 90 Viper rotation.

Level 100 Viper Rotation

Work in progress. Please check back soon for updates on the Level 100 Viper rotation.

Fast Leveling Strategies for the Viper Job

Leveling the Viper Job to the Dawntrail level cap of 100 requires dedication and commitment. Players can expedite the leveling process by utilizing various strategies such as engaging in Roulettes, exploring Bojza, completing Allied Society Quests, and taking advantage of the Trust system for efficient dungeon clears.

Wondrous Tails

The Wondrous Tails journal presents an excellent opportunity to jumpstart the Viper leveling journey by offering a guaranteed half level of XP on completion. By strategically incorporating this activity into their routine, players can optimize their XP gains and progress efficiently.


Roulettes serve as a pivotal method for leveling the Viper Job in Final Fantasy XIV, providing substantial XP rewards upon completion. By diligently participating in daily roulettes, players can consistently accrue XP and advance their Viper Job progression seamlessly.


The Bozja grind remains a reliable avenue for XP accumulation, particularly beneficial for leveling Jobs beyond 90. Players can leverage the FATEs in Bozja for continuous XP gains, complementing other leveling strategies for a well-rounded approach.

Allied Society Quests

Embarking on Allied Society Quests offers a swift and straightforward means of obtaining daily XP rewards. By completing these quests promptly, players can efficiently earn XP while focusing on other leveling activities.

Dungeon Spam

For swift XP acquisition, players can queue for the highest-level dungeon available and participate in consistent runs to expedite the leveling process. Leveraging the Trust system for dungeon clears provides a stress-free environment to practice the Viper rotation effectively while progressing efficiently.

With these strategies in mind, players can navigate the challenges, master the Viper Job, and embrace the rewarding journey that awaits in Final Fantasy XIV.