WondLa Review

The Overview of WondLa on Apple TV+

Looking for a new animated series to stream with the family? WondLa is now available on Apple TV+, offering a kid-friendly take on post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventures. However, while it may draw inspiration from Tony DiTerlizzi’s novel, The Search for WondLa, the series falls short of capturing the depth and darkness of the source material.

The Visuals and Setting of WondLa

One of the immediate drawbacks of WondLa is its lackluster visual design. The underground sanctuary where Eva, the young protagonist, resides lacks the intricate details described in the book. Character models, especially Eva’s robotic caregiver, Muthr, feel stiff and lack the vibrancy present in the novel’s illustrations. While the world outside boasts brighter colors, it still fails to capture the vivid landscapes detailed by DiTerlizzi.

Exploring the World of WondLa

In WondLa, viewers follow Eva’s journey as she ventures into the world on her 16th birthday, guided by a mysterious scrap of paper with the word “WondLa.” Along the way, she encounters strange creatures like Rovender and Otto. However, the series struggles to fully realize the richness of the world-building, leading to a lackluster viewing experience.

Insights into Skydance Animation and WondLa

As the second major project from Skydance Animation, WondLa offers a glimpse into the studio’s direction under John Lasseter. While the series has a stronger foundation than its predecessor, Luck, it still faces challenges in execution. With rushed plot points and lackluster character development, WondLa misses the mark in delivering a compelling narrative.

The Verdict on WondLa

Despite its potential, WondLa’s surface-level adaptation fails to capture the heart of its source material. With flat character dynamics and missed opportunities for growth, the series leaves much to be desired. While the tease for more WondLa content hints at future improvements, the rushed execution and contradictions within the first season raise doubts about the show’s ability to deliver a satisfying viewing experience.