A Look At Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s Difficulty Options And Gameplay Customization

Character Creator

During my visit to BioWare’s Edmonton office for Game Informer’s latest cover story on Dragon Age: The Veilguard, game director Corinne Busche emphasizes the studio’s commitment to inclusivity in the game’s design. This commitment is particularly evident in the character creator, where players embark on their journey in Veilguard.

Featuring the best character creator in series history, Veilguard offers a plethora of customization options for players to create their player-controlled Rook. With hundreds of sliders and choices, players can personalize their character’s appearance and even pick pronouns distinct from gender. This focus on inclusivity sets the tone for the entire Veilguard experience.

Inclusive World

However, the dedication to inclusivity doesn’t stop at the character creator; it extends to the world of Veilguard as well. For instance, the ice mage and private detective companion, Neve Gallus, is portrayed with a prosthetic leg, adding diversity and representation to the game world.

Customizable Playstyle

Before diving into the game, players are presented with a playstyle screen that allows them to tailor various aspects of their Veilguard experience. Players can choose from different difficulty options, referred to as playstyles by BioWare.

Options include “Storyteller” for a focus on narrative over combat, “Adventurer” for a balanced experience, and the challenging “Nightmare” difficulty, which once chosen, is permanent throughout the game. The Unbound difficulty offers further customization, allowing players to tweak various gameplay mechanics to suit their preferences. These options ensure that players of all abilities can enjoy Veilguard.

According to Busche, players can expect similar accessibility and approachability features in Veilguard, although specific details were not disclosed during the demo.

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