FromSoftware Owner Kadokawa May Have Confidential Info Leaked After Ransomware Attack

Kadokawa, the parent company of FromSoftware, was recently the victim of a significant hack. This ransomware attack impacted various subsidiaries of the company and resulted in the theft of 1.5 terabytes of data.

Was FromSoftware Impacted by the Data Breach?

The extent of the hack’s impact on FromSoftware remains unclear. The Black Suit Ransomware group, responsible for the attack, claims to have infiltrated Kadokawa’s entire network. However, their main target appears to have been the Japanese video-sharing platform Niconico, currently offline until June 8, with some disruptions to Kadokawa’s book distribution. This suggests that FromSoftware may have escaped unharmed.

Despite issuing a statement about the attack, Kadokawa did not specify the impact on FromSoftware. It did confirm that the breach occurred on June 8 and that the stolen data includes employee and customer information, project details, business strategies, financial records, contracts, and legal papers.

Although the theft of user data raises concerns, Kadokawa assured customers that their credit card details are safe. The company stated, “Kadokawa does not retain any credit card information of the Group’s customers, including Niconico service users, in its system, and therefore, no credit card information will have been leaked.” Kadokawa is collaborating with external experts to investigate potential data leaks, with results expected in July and further updates to follow.

Regarding the ransom demand, Kadokawa has until July 1 to respond to the hacker group’s ultimatum. However, the company’s decision to comply remains uncertain, as there is a risk that the hackers may release the data regardless of the response.