How to Farm Wild Fruit in Soulmask Fast

Wild Fruit in Soulmask is a valuable food resource that can be utilized in crafting recipes to not only satisfy hunger but also improve mood. If you’re wondering where to find an abundance of Wild Fruit, the key is to utilize animals adept at gathering them. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

How to Obtain Wild Fruit in Soulmask

You can acquire ample amounts of Wild Fruit in Soulmask by utilizing Monkeys, specifically through the Monkey Storage Nest. Additionally, you can gather Wild Fruit by harvesting bushes while exploring the game world.

monkey storage nest to collect wild fruits soulmask

To utilize Monkeys for gathering Wild Fruit, you must first tame them. Once tamed, these Monkeys will automatically collect Wild Fruits and Nuts from trees and store them in the Monkey Storage Nest.

The Monkey Storage Nest can be crafted at the Building Workshop using 10 Logs, 10 Fibers, and 10 Thatch. Additionally, you’ll need Wild Fruit and 5 Nuts as optional items. This method is highly efficient for fast Fruit farming in Soulmask.

Once you’ve amassed a substantial amount of Wild Fruit, you can create Yeast, Juice, and Fruit Wine using the following recipes:

Wild Fruit Crafting Recipes

crafting recipes with wild fruit soulmaskcrafting recipes with wild fruit soulmask
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  • 5 Fiber at the Brewing Stand
  • Utilized to expedite the fermentation process.


  • 1 Cup at the Cooking Stove
  • Optional ingredients include Guava, Pineapple, Banana, and 2 Wild Fruits.
  • Consuming Juice provides various benefits such as Poison Resist +10, Max Hydration +10 for 20 minutes, Hydration +100, Satiety +20, and uplifts Mood.

Fruit Wine

  • Combine the following ingredients at the Brewing Stand:
    • 5 Tree Bark
    • 2 Yeast
    • 1 Cup
  • Optional ingredients comprise 5 Banana, Pineapple, and Papaya.
  • Drinking Fruit Wine grants +3% damage, prevents Max Morale reduction for 20 minutes, Hydration +40, Satiety +20, and uplifts Mood. It’s also a key component in crafting the Almighty Vajra Ape Token.
tribesman work to harvest berriestribesman work to harvest berries

If you choose to assign a tribesman to gather berries, remember to keep food nearby to prevent them from consuming the berries they collect. This helpful tip was provided by a member of the Steam Community.

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