Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Review – Walt Disney World

The Adventure of Tiana’s Bayou

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has officially opened at Magic Kingdom within the Walt Disney World Resort. The Disneyland version is set to debut later this year.

In the 2009 film, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana’s father imparts wisdom to his daughter, urging her to never lose sight of what truly matters. This sentiment is beautifully portrayed in the film and now, with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the message resonates even more profoundly. This captivating new attraction, which has replaced Splash Mountain, showcases the altruistic spirit that defines the Disney Princess, elevating it to new heights and solidifying its position among the top offerings at Disney Parks.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure picks up the story a year after the events of The Princess and the Frog, with Tiana, voiced by the talented Anika Noni Rose, enlisting guests’ help in assembling a band for her upcoming Mardi Gras celebration. The attraction features 48 impressive Audio-Animatronics, including beloved characters like jazz-loving alligator Louis and voodoo priestess Mama Odie. While the Audio-Animatronics are a highlight, there were some minor technical issues, such as lip-syncing discrepancies, observed during a preview. Nevertheless, these characters contribute significantly to the vibrant river voyage experience.

Throughout the adventure, guests are treated to various renditions of songs from The Princess and the Frog, immersing them in the bayou atmosphere. The attention to detail in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is commendable, from the whimsical instruments crafted by adorable critters to the enchanting ambiance enriched by fireflies and natural scents.

The attraction boasts several enjoyable moments that keep guests enthralled while also introducing engaging twists to maintain interest. The iconic 50-foot drop remains a thrilling highlight, offering both a refreshing splash and a picturesque view of the castle. Despite the exhilarating drop, the ride vehicles are designed to minimize soaking, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors.

The narrative of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, while straightforward, encapsulates Tiana’s commitment to giving back to those who supported her dream of opening Tiana’s Palace. The story maintains a light-hearted tone without veering into darker themes, making it suitable for all audiences.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is among Disney Parks’ best attractions.

The grand finale of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure unfolds during the lively Mardi Gras celebration, featuring dancing, singing, and captivating Audio-Animatronics. While the energetic festivity is a delight, the inclusion of a few CGI characters in a distinct art style deviates from the film’s aesthetic, slightly detracting from the overall experience.

Despite a brief finale, the attraction leaves a lasting impression, highlighted by the debut of the charming new song “Special Spice” and a plethora of captivating elements that warrant multiple visits to fully appreciate.

Overall, the approximately 10-minute adventure at Tiana’s Bayou is a triumph, marked by numerous positives that overshadow any minor drawbacks. The experience evokes a sense of joy and nostalgia, enveloping visitors in the enchanting world of The Princess and the Frog.

The Immersive Queue Experience

The queue for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure offers an immersive journey from Orlando to 1927 New Orleans, enticing visitors from the moment they enter. The attention to detail is exemplary, with murals by local artists adorning the walls and a radio program featuring songs from the film, creating an authentic Crescent City ambiance.

As guests progress through the queue, they encounter Tiana’s office, adorned with newspaper clippings and mementos that provide insights into Tiana’s post-film endeavors. References to Tiana’s Foods, the co-op established by Tiana’s employees, further enrich the narrative, establishing a seamless connection to the film’s storyline.

The tour continues into Tiana’s kitchen, where the alluring aroma of beignets fills the air, enhancing the sensory immersion. Visitors can explore recipe cards, kitchen essentials, and poignant artifacts that shed light on Tiana’s culinary legacy.

A poignant segment dedicated to Tiana’s father provides heartfelt glimpses into his life and shared moments with Tiana. The poignant letters exchanged between father and daughter evoke tender emotions, underscoring the enduring bond between them.

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The letters, resonating with themes of love and sacrifice, resonate deeply, amplifying the emotional resonance within the attraction. Tiana’s unwavering dedication to her family, friends, and community shines through, reinforcing the enduring message of hope and fulfillment in the enchanting realm of New Orleans.