Best ways to farm Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

How to Acquire Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant

In The First Descendant, Kuiper Shards play a crucial role in upgrading your Descendant and Weapon Modules to maximize your power. To quickly obtain these Kuiper Shards, follow these tips.

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One way to obtain Kuiper Shards is by dismantling Modules. Although you may receive some Kuiper Shards upon completing missions, the most efficient method is through dismantling.

Speak to Silion, the Module Master, to dismantle your unequipped modules. The amount of Kuiper Shards you receive is directly proportional to the module’s value. Therefore, the more Kuiper Shards required to enhance a module, the more you’ll obtain by dismantling it.

If you want to enhance your modules, you’ll need to sacrifice others. Therefore, the most effective way to farm Kuiper Shards is by farming Modules.

Optimal Method for Kuiper Shard Farming in The First Descendant

The best approach to farming Kuiper Shards is by repeatedly dismantling Modules. Modules are awarded for completing various activities in The First Descendant.

To maximize your Kuiper Shard collection, focus on missions in your current region and replay the mission offering the highest Kuiper Shard value. Consider factors like the quantity of Modules available, the chances of earning them, and their combined value. Additionally, factor in the mission’s speed.

Select the most rewarding mission available and repeat it as many times as possible. By doing so, you’ll amass a significant number of Modules to dismantle, resulting in a generous supply of Kuiper Shards. While this method may seem repetitive, it is the most practical way to farm Kuiper Shards in the game.

Don’t forget about the Void Intercept Battles, which provide abundant rewards. As you grow stronger, you can quickly repeat these battles to earn numerous Modules.

With numerous sources unlocking as you complete missions, there is no singular best spot for Module farming in The First Descendant. Continuously replay the most lucrative mission in terms of Kuiper Crystals to ensure a steady influx of Shards.

Currently, this method remains the sole viable approach to acquiring Kuiper Shards in the game.

Now equipped with knowledge on harvesting Kuiper Shards in The First Descendant, focus on enhancing your strength. Before diving into farming, optimize your graphical settings for peak performance.

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