How to change your character, name, and cosmetics in The First Descendant

Customizing Your Character in The First Descendant

To make your character stand out in The First Descendant, simply access the Inventory tab by pressing ‘I’ on your keyboard or the start button on your console. Within the Inventory tab, select the Customise tab to view all available cosmetics and customization options for your character.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the Customise tab, you can change everything from weapon skins to armor pieces on your Descendant. This is also where you have the option to change your character’s name in The First Descendant.

Cosmetics can be acquired through various means such as Twitch drops or in-game purchases. If you encounter issues with receiving Twitch drops in-game, refer to our troubleshooting guide.

Changing Characters in The First Descendant

If you wish to switch to a different Descendant in The First Descendant, follow a similar process. Open the start menu using the ‘I’ key or start button and navigate to the Descendant option on the top bar. Here, you can view all the Descendants you have unlocked.

To unlock a specific Descendant, simply select the unlock button to see the cost. The initial one you unlock will likely be Bunny, a core storyline character. For other Descendants, check the requirements for unlocking them.

Ajax Character The Last Descendant change
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Additional characters in The First Descendant can be unlocked using premium currency or by completing in-game challenges. Once unlocked, you can freely switch between characters using the in-game menu.

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