How to pronounce ‘scadutree’ in Elden Ring

Discovering the Correct Pronunciation of “Scadutree” in Elden Ring’s DLC

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces consumables known as Scadutree fragments, which are crucial for powering up your character. These fragments can be found at Sites of Grace in the Land of Shadow.

Initially, I assumed the pronunciation of “scadutree” to be “skad-oo-tree,” until I came across information that clarified it as “shadu,” reflecting the word’s origins in Old English. This revelation was thanks to insights from linguistics majors and history enthusiasts online, including discussions on Reddit, X, and even our own TikTok community.

It’s no surprise that Elden Ring incorporates Old and Middle English, Welsh, and Irish words, challenging players’ pronunciation skills. Thankfully, individuals like Cian Maher have graciously shared correct pronunciations, such as the Siofra River in the Lands Between being pronounced as Sheef-rah.

The inclusion of Celtic languages like Welsh and Irish in FromSoft games is a commendable nod to their cultural significance. These languages have faced suppression and endangerment over the years, making their representation in the game all the more meaningful.

While Old and Middle English words may belong to a different linguistic family, the opportunity to learn and improve our pronunciation adds to the immersive experience of Elden Ring.