CLeM Backstage Stories: How our Little Servant Came to Be

Uncovering the Origins of CLeM

Back in the late 1990s, an alternative metal band named KoRn released an album titled “Issues” that would eventually spark inspiration in Mariona, Mango Protocol’s art director. The cover art of the album featured a rag doll, and one of the music videos included scenes with roaches, a spider, and a fly. This imagery lingered in Mariona’s mind for years.

Fast forward to 2006, Mariona began working on a stop motion movie script, drawing influence from the dark themes present in KoRn’s “Issues”. The script evolved into an abstract story about the circle of life, focusing on a captive doll chasing bugs while following mysterious instructions from a little girl.

Years later, in 2018, Mariona, along with Javi and the team at Mango Protocol, revisited the storyboard from the short movie and reimagined its core concept to create CLeM, the fourth installment of the Psychotic Adventures series.

Developing the Narrative

Javi took on the task of developing a narrative that combined personal experiences with Mariona’s original script, shaping it into a compelling narrative-based looping puzzle game. Meanwhile, Jordi crafted puzzles that not only challenged players but also reflected the emotions of the main character as the story unfolded.

Mariona’s art direction department brought the character to life, drawing inspiration from the doll on KoRn’s “Issues” album cover. The result was “the servant,” a character that captured the essence of the game’s eerie atmosphere.

Clem concept art

Get Ready to Dive into CLeM

Now that you know the backstory of CLeM, it’s time to experience the game for yourself. In CLeM, you’ll assume the role of a ragdoll brought to life in a dark basement, with enigmatic instructions and cryptic clues guiding your journey. Are you prepared for the challenge?

CLeM is set to release on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on July 17, offering players an enthralling puzzle adventure with room escape elements and a haunting narrative. Pre-order the game now to immerse yourself in its eerie and emotional world.