How to Craft Plasteel in Palworld

Crafting Plasteel in Palworld: A Step-by-Step Guide

For Palworld players, obtaining Plasteel after the Sakurajima update is crucial for creating powerful weapons, durable armor, and advanced technology. This valuable resource can only be crafted through a series of steps and resource gathering. Here is a detailed guide on how to craft Plasteel in Palworld.

Building an Electric Furnace

To begin crafting Plasteel in Palworld, the first step is to construct an Electric Furnace at your base. The Electric Furnace requires specific materials to build, including:

Electric Furnace in Palworld
You will need an Electric Furnace to craft Plasteel in Palworld.

Once the Electric Furnace is operational, you will be able to smelt Plasteel and other advanced materials necessary for creating enhanced gear and technology.

Required Resources

Gather the following resources to begin crafting Plasteel in Palworld:

  • 5 Crude Oil
  • 5 Paladium Fragment
  • 10 Ore

While most of these resources can be obtained through standard gameplay, acquiring Crude Oil requires extra effort. You must build a Crude Oil Extractor and establish an electrical supply at your base to produce this essential material.

Crafting Plasteel

With all the necessary materials gathered, use the Electric Furnace to craft Plasteel. This versatile substance will allow you to create some of the most sought-after weapons, armor, and technology in Palworld, enabling you to tackle more challenging tasks and explore the game world efficiently.

Plasteel plays a vital role in optimizing your character’s build, as it is crucial for crafting powerful weapons, durable armor, and advanced technology needed for late-game content and maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic world of Palworld.

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