How to Trigger and Find Meteor Showers in Palworld

Understanding Palworld Meteor Showers

Palworld’s latest update introduces a unique event where meteors fall from the sky, bringing valuable resources and rare Pals for players to collect. The meteor showers in Palworld are not only exciting but also challenging to farm. This guide will help players understand when and how to find these meteor showers.

What are Palworld Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers in Palworld are rare events that bring valuable materials like Meteorite Fragments and rare Pals such as Xenovader and Selyne. These extraterrestrial visitors can enhance gameplay by providing unique rewards, but they are not easy to come by.

When Do Meteors Spawn in Palworld

Meteor Showers occur randomly in Palworld, but some players believe there is a schedule to follow. It is speculated that these events happen every three in-game days, requiring players to wait for three day and night cycles before they appear.

Players can identify a meteor shower by the prompt “Meteoric descent in progress” and check their world map for the crash site location marked with a meteor icon. The shower typically happens within 140 to 240 meters from the player’s location.

Can You Trigger a Meteor Spawn in Palworld

Unfortunately, players cannot trigger a Meteor Shower in Palworld. These events occur naturally, but certain conditions need to be met for them to happen. Ensure that there are no active Supply Drops or existing Meteor Events to increase the chances of a Meteor Shower occurring.

  • Avoid Active Supply Drops
  • Collect Previous Meteor Events
  • Visit Volcano, New, or Snow Island

How to Farm Meteorite Fragments

Once a meteor descends in Palworld, players can visit the crash site to collect resources and valuable Meteorite Fragments. These fragments can be used to craft powerful gear like the Meteor Launcher. It is essential to collect these resources quickly before NPCs and Pals harvest them.

Meteor Event Rewards

During a Meteor Event in Palworld, players can obtain exclusive rewards such as Meteor Fragments, Selyne, Xenovader, and Xenogard. These rewards are unique to the event and provide players with valuable resources and rare Pals to enhance their gameplay experience.

  • Meteor Fragments: Used to craft powerful weapons like the Meteor Launcher.
  • Selyne: A rare Dark-Element type Pal that can spawn in Sakurajima during a Meteor Event.
  • Xenovader: Common creatures that drop fragments when caught or defeated during a Meteor Event.
  • Xenogard: Elite Dragon-type Pals with a low chance of occurrence during the event, replacing Xenovaders if they appear.

Note: Xenogard and Selyne cannot appear simultaneously during a Meteor Event.