Should you pick Belle or Wise in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

Belle vs Wise Differences in ZZZ Explained

Zenless Zone Zero offers players a choice between two protagonists, Belle and Wise, similar to other games in the Hoyoverse gacha collection. However, this game presents a unique twist on this familiar concept.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When starting the game, players must choose between Belle and Wise, the two siblings featured in Zenless Zone Zero. While this setup may seem reminiscent of Genshin Impact with Aether and Lumine, Zenless Zone Zero takes a different approach that makes the choice less impactful than expected.

Both Belle and Wise play crucial roles in the main story from the beginning, regardless of which sibling you select as the main character. During exploration segments between missions, the chosen sibling becomes the player-controlled character, while the other sibling remains at the base in a support capacity.

It is important to note that the main character, whether Belle or Wise, cannot participate in battles. Instead, players will control them only during city exploration portions, while other units obtained through the gacha system are used for missions. The choice of sibling primarily impacts the exploration aspects of the game.

Once a main character is chosen in Zenless Zone Zero, players are unable to switch to the other sibling, so careful consideration is advised at the beginning of the game. Watching trailers and gameplay videos can help players familiarize themselves with each sibling’s voice acting and animations to make an informed decision.

While the main character choice may seem significant, players will encounter numerous exciting characters within the first few hours of playing Zenless Zone Zero. Regardless of the chosen sibling, most of the gameplay will involve completing missions to earn currencies and resources.