Tales Of Kenzera: Zau Developer Surgent Studios Announces Layoffs

Surgent Studios Announces Layoffs

Surgent Studios, the developer behind Tales of Kenzera: Zau, recently made the difficult decision to lay off just over a dozen employees. This news comes on the heels of the successful release of their first game, Tales of Kenzera: Zau, in April, which garnered positive reviews.

While Surgent has not provided a specific reason for the layoffs, the company stated that it is prioritizing supporting those affected, continuing the development of Tales of Kenzera: Zau, and planning for future projects.

Studio Statement

“Unfortunately, Surgent has joined the growing list of game studios impacted by layoffs this year, affecting just over a dozen individuals. Despite the challenges facing the games industry, we are immensely proud of our team’s work on Zau and the recognition it has received from both critics and players. Our focus now remains on assisting those affected, progressing with our work on Zau, and setting our sights on upcoming creative endeavors.”

Abubakar Salim, the head and founder of Surgent Studios, who also lent his voice to the character Zau in their debut game, shared his thoughts on the situation:

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out during this difficult time. This news is truly heartbreaking. I did not anticipate having to make this announcement today. I am incredibly proud of the team and their accomplishments over the past four years. They showed remarkable strength during challenging times, and their resilience was truly inspiring. It is tough to deliver this news today, but we are not alone in facing this hardship. Our primary focus now is to provide support to those affected in any way possible. I will be sharing posts from our team members who have been impacted. If you are aware of any opportunities or openings, please consider these highly talented individuals.”

Surgent Studios joins a growing list of game developers that have experienced layoffs in 2024.

Industry-Wide Impact

Throughout the year, numerous studios have been affected by layoffs and closures, including:

  • Paradox Interactive closed Paradox Tectonic Studio and canceled Life by You
  • Behaviour Interactive laid off 95 employees
  • Phoenix Labs laid off most of its staff and canceled in-progress projects
  • Square Enix initiated layoffs as part of restructuring

These are just a few examples of the challenges faced by the gaming industry in 2024. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by these developments.