Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 Banner Guide

Should You Pull for Zoneless Zone Zero 1.0 Banners?

The answer is clear: Yes. Investing your free pulls into the 5-star characters featured in the initial banners will benefit your progression in Zenless Zone Zero. These units are currently the strongest available, both in terms of storyline and meta. While future banners may surpass their power, they are essential for tackling the current content effectively.

It’s advisable to pull for at least one or two banners to secure a strong unit that can carry you through the 1.0 and 2.0 updates of the game. While stronger characters will be introduced later on, the wait for these banners will be considerable. Therefore, if you’re concerned about optimizing your gameplay, it’s worth considering pulling on the initial banners.

Alternatively, if you’re indifferent to the meta and prefer to base your decision on personal preference, focus on characters that appeal to you. The 1.0 banners offer a diverse selection of engaging units, each with intriguing lore and gameplay mechanics. If a character resonates with you, use your free pulls to acquire them.

All Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 Banners (Exclusive and Stable)

Phase 1 Banner

  • Ellen Joe (S-Rank): Ice DPS from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Anton Ivanov (A-Rank): Electric DPS from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Soukaku (A-Rank): Ice Support from the Section 6 Faction

Phase 2 Banner

  • Zhu Yuan (S-Rank): Ether DPS from the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team Faction
  • Ben Bigger (A-Rank): Fire DPS from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Nicole Demara (A-Rank): Ether Support from the Cunning Hares Faction

Stable Banner

  • Nekomiya Mana (S-Rank): Physical DPS from the Cunning Hares Faction
  • Von Lycaon (S-Rank): Ice Support from the Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Soldier 11 (S-Rank): Fire DPS from the Obol Squad Faction
  • Koleda Belobog (S-Rank): Fire DPS from Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Grace Howard (S-Rank): Electric DPS from Belobog Heavy Industries Faction
  • Alexandrina Sebastiane (S-Rank): Electric Support from Victoria Housekeeping Faction
  • Anby Demara (A-Rank): Electric DPS from the Cunning Hares
  • Billy Kid (A-Rank): Physical DPS from the Cunning Hares
  • Corin Wickes (A-Rank): Physical DPS from Victoria Housekeeping Faction

Note: A-Rank characters from Exclusive Banners can still be obtained from Stable pulls.

Which Characters to Pull on Zenless Zone Zero 1.0

It’s recommended to prioritize characters that resonate with you personally. Whether you appreciate the character’s design, gameplay, or story, focusing on your preferences can enhance your gaming experience. However, if you’re mindful of meta considerations and strategic gameplay, there are specific factors to evaluate before pulling:

  • Consider your existing characters and prioritize units that align with your current roster’s elemental composition.
  • Assess the standalone strength of the character to determine if they can perform well independently or require additional support.

For players unsure whether to pull for Ellen Joe or Zhu Yuan, a strategic approach involves initially pulling from the Standard or Stable Banner. Based on the 4-star units obtained, you can make an informed decision. If you have an abundance of Ice characters, consider pulling for Ellen Joe. Conversely, acquiring Nicole may warrant pulling for Zhu Yuan. Each character’s unique strengths and rarity in their respective elements should factor into your decision-making process.