All Zenless Zone Zero Daily Check-In Rewards

What are the Zenless Zone Zero Daily Check-In Rewards?

Like many games, Zenless Zone Zero incentivizes repeated play through rewards. These rewards are free, and you’ll get them simply for signing into the game on consecutive days. Here’s our guide to Daily Check-In rewards in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Unlike many other games, the Daily Check-In rewards for Zenless Zone Zero are all the same – at least for now. However, you’ll earn different quantities on different days.

  • Day 1: Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Day 2: Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Day 3: Encrypted Master Tape x2
  • Day 4: Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Day 5: Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Day 6: Encrypted Master Tape x1
  • Day 7: Encrypted Master Tape x3

How to Unlock Daily Check-In Rewards

You won’t have access to the Daily Check-In rewards straight away. Before you can start pulling for new characters, you’ll need to play through the story until you get a pop-up letting you know that the Events tab is available. Once that happens, a moving banner will appear on the right-hand side of the screen with information on all of Zenless Zone Zero’s current events.

The Encrypted Master Tape can be used on pulls on Limited Character Banners, giving you free chances to get your hands on some hard-to-find characters. You can claim your rewards in the “New City Visitor’s Passport” tab. Over the course of a week, you’ll collect a total of ten.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to get your hands on Encrypted Master Tapes. You can purchase them for 160 Polychrome. You can earn Polychrome by completing missions and challenges in the game, as well as finding the currency in chests. The best way, however, is by grinding through commissions. The advantage of earning the tickets directly through Daily Check-In Rewards is that it’s free, and potentially opens the door to getting a rare character who can help you earn Polychrome through other methods.

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